Carrie is a playwright.  These are some plays she wrote.  Many of these scripts are available here on The New Play Exchange:

To Us.jpg

TO US! (3M, 3F or 6 ANY)

Six people live in perfect harmony, an endless high five party!  But when a giant blue cube appears out of nowhere, their high fives turn into high nones (gasp!) as lines are drawn around, between and through their once utopian world.  How far is a person willing to go to defend a giant blue cube?  A absurd comedy exploring the everyday human behavior that leads to extremist ideology.

–Written for the 2015 Humanitas & Center Theatre Group PlayLA Writing Workshop
–Reading at Skylight Theatre Company in Los Angeles, CA - February 20, 2016 - dir. Eric Hunicutt


Colonels Chicken.jpg

Demi wanders into a Colonel’s Chicken restaurant, looking for easy comfort after being dumped by her boyfriend. But when invited to step beyond the Employees Only door, she finds another thing entirely.

–Winner of 2017 Holland New Voices Award
–Mainstage reading at 2017 Great Plains Theatre Conference - June 1, 2017 - dir. D. Scott Glasser
–Finalist for 2017 Seven Devils Playwrights Conference
–Reading at The Playwrights Union‘s First Peek Reading Series – May 31, 2014 – dir. Eric Hunicutt

The Hermitage.jpg

Inspired by a trend in 18th century manor houses, the newly wealthy Martin and Jennet decide to install an ornamental hermitage on their property, complete with their very own hermit for visitors to come up come upon while walking the grounds. It’s classy, suggests godliness (without actually having to be godly!), and no one they know has one! Absurdity ensues and, in the end, what they come upon is much more than a hermit. 

–Finalist for 2016 Seven Devils Playwrights Conference
–Selected for 2016 Last Frontier Theatre Conference
–Selected for development in The Blank Theatre's Living Room Series in Los Angeles, CA - April 20, 2016 - dir. Eric Hunicutt

Tara Obernier is a just your average gal until a seemingly harmless photo of a construction site launches her into the Internet’s crosshairs. Suddenly, her whole life—including her “janky eyebrows”—is under scrutiny. A dark comedy about fault, virtue and accountability.

–Selected for 2015 New Works Festival at Kitchen Dog Theatre in Dallas, TX – May 30, 2015 Reading dir. by Kelsey Head
–Finalist for 2015 National Playwrights Conference at The Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center
–Semi-finalist for 2015 Bay Area Playwrights Festival.
–Reading at The Playwrights Union‘s First Peek Reading Series – May 17, 2014 – dir. Eric Hunicutt

What if the solution to your family’s biggest problem is the very thing that also severs its ties? A play about what it means to be a family—whether it is the family we’re born into, the families that find us or the families we make.

–Workshopped at Lincoln Center Theater’s Directors Lab (NYC) – July 2013
–Workshopped at Gotham Stage Company’s Barnstorm Retreat (NY) – Sept 2012 – dir. Stephen Brackett
–Reading at Gotham Stage Company (NYC) – May 7, 2012 – dir. Hayley Finn
–Semifinalist for 2012 National Playwrights Conference at The Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center

The end of the world is coming!  Are you ready?  You are invited to an intimate bunker-side chat on how to prep for when it happens.  From rice appreciation to the dangers of scented shampoos, you’ll get a complete and thorough primer on the ins and outs of being prepared for the all worst-case scenarios, from an undisputed expert in the field. But what exactly brought her down here in the first place, and what’s the price of complete safety? The answers are revealed in this joyfully morbid play.

–Selected for the 2010 National Playwrights Conference at The Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center dir. Suzanne Agins
–July 2013 production at Sideshow Theatre Company (Chicago) dir. Megan A. Smith.

What happens when you lock six strangers in one room for 90 minutes and beg for them to share their opinions? Chaos. That's what happens.

–World Premiere at Skylight Theatre Company (LA) – September 2012 – dir. Eric Hunicutt
–LA Weekly Pick of the Week.
–Work-in-progress festival production at LAb Works Festival at Skylight Theatre Company (LA) – August 2012 – dir. Eric Hunicutt
–Written as part of Skylight Theatre Company’s PlayLab led by Shem Bitterman

ADAM & EMILY: (1F, 1M)
Adam & Emily are a young married couple deeply in love, yet their marriage is challenged by a threat that can no longer be ignored.  What compromises are they willing to make in the name of love?

–Finalist for American Theatre Company (Chicago) New Play Development Opportunity
–Reading at Gotham Stage Company (NYC) – June 13, 2011 – dir. Wes Grantom
–Reading at Steep Theatre Company (Chicago) – September 2011 – dir. Keira Fromm
–Workshopped at Barnstorm through Gotham Stage Company (NYC) – October 2011 – dir. Victor Maog

Set deep in an chanted forest, a young woman struggles to keep her makeshift family together as her surrogate sister falls in love with the Enemy.  As she fights maintain balance between love and jealousy, the young woman quickly realizes the cost of one misstep.

–2009 recipient of Northwestern’s Agnes Nixon New Play Award.
–June 2009 reading through Remmy Bummpo Theatre Company (Chicago) dir. Jason Southerland

And Other Stuff.jpg

- Gutted, finalist for 2017 Heideman Award, National Ten-Minute Play Contest at Actors Theatre of Louisville, received January 2017 production for
   The Tens evening of short plays at Actors Theatre of Louisville. dir. Luke Harlan
- Reversing the Flow of Shit, 2009 Production, 7th Annual Big Shoulders Festival, American Theatre Company, Chicago, IL. dir. Jesse Young
- Minimal Change, 2008 Showcase Reading, Chicago Dramatists, Chicago, IL. dir. Ilesa Duncan dir.

–Selected for Humanitas/Center Theatre Group’s 2015-16 PlayLA Workshop
–Member of The Playwrights Union (Los Angeles)
–Selected for 2011-12 PlayLab at Skylight Theatre Company (Los Angeles)
–Member of Dramatist Guild
–MFA in Writing for the Screen & Stage from Northwestern University (Evanston, IL)